Learning is a process and it takes time! Like us, our dogs our not going to get it right the first time and that is OK!  My Complex Canine believes in giving you supportive training options that will provide you with advice and guidance throughout your training journey.

“A relationship is an experience and a chance to learn to understand one another”

Training Packages

First Session

The initial training sessions for all training packages are online. This allows an opportunity to further understand your training struggles and begin the training in a low distraction environment, which is where dogs find it easiest to learn new things. This also allows you to gain confidence in your own training skills from the very beginning!

You Choose!

You can then choose either a fully online training journey, or a blended package that will include a number of your training sessions in-person with your trainer in or around your home location.


Online training sessions are bookable on Mondays 14:00 and Wednesday 14:00 and 16:30.

In-person training sessions are bookable on Tuesdays 14:30 and 16:00 (East Sussex locations) or Wednesday 10:00 (Surrey locations)

Fully Supportive

All packages are designed to offer you a fully supportive experience as you learn to work in partnership with your dog.

You can choose from support over a number of weeks depending on what you need help with.

— Single Sessions—

Pre- Puppy Guidance Call

Guidance before you bring your puppy home. Opportunity to ask your questions to a professional.

1:1 Online Training

Online training support in the 1hr session only .

Suitable for simple training issues.


1:1 In-Person Training

In-person training support in the 1hr session only.

Suitable for simple training issues.

— 4 Weeks of Support —

Relationship Starter Package

Designed to support you with a few training areas to help you get on the right track.

— 6 weeks of Support —

Relationship Boost Package

Designed to support you with a number of different training needs, or one or two training challenges, in more depth.

Recall Boost Package

Covering my Recall Boost Course on a 1:1 basis with 2 training walks & support throughout.. 

— 8 Weeks of Support —

Puppy Relationship Package

Covering the Puppy School foundation curriculum & tailored based on your puppy and personal situation.

Relationship Max Package

Designed to support you to train a greater number of life skills and foundation behaviours, or more in depth training challenges over time.