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Learning is a process and it takes time! Like us, our dogs our not going to get it right the first time and that is OK!  My Complex Canine believes in giving you supportive training options that will provide you with advice and guidance throughout your training journey.

“A relationship is an experience and a chance to learn to understand one another”

Training Packages

Fully Supportive

1:1 training is perfect for any puppy issue, general recall issues, and progressing you and your dog’s training from a basic level to advanced. Whether you just want short-term guidance with our Relationship Starter or a longer-term plan to see your training skills transform with our Puppy Relationship, or Relationship Max package, we will have something that works for you!


All packages are designed to offer you a fully supportive experience, as you learn to work in partnership with your puppy/dog including; supportive training plans, regular contact days so you can get help in-between training sessions and progress calls to help keep you moving in the right direction. Blended training packages from £157.50


Online training sessions are bookable on Wednesday 14:30 and 16:00.

In-person training sessions are bookable on Tuesdays 14:30 and 16:00 (East Sussex locations) or Wednesday 10:00 (Surrey locations)

My Complex Canine training packages are perfect for you if you have the time and enthusiasm to train, but feel you need some support and guidance to get started. I will give you a plan, the confidence, training skills and know-how so you can help your dog become a proud, happy member of the family.

— Single Sessions—

Pre- Puppy Guidance Call

More info

1:1 Online or In-Person Training

Online training support in the 1hr session only .

Only suitable for simple training issues.

— 4 Weeks of Support —

Relationship Starter Package

More info

— 6 weeks of Support —

Relationship Boost Package

More info

Recall Boost Package

More info

— 8 Weeks of Support —

Puppy Relationship Package
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Relationship Max Package

More info

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