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Can I train my puppy in a face-to-face group class now?

Covid-19 Update

With the latest guidance from the government for Covid-19 that from today, small socially distance groups are allowed to meet, you may be wondering if face-to-face classes will be starting soon.

Whilst I can’t wait to meet you and your gorgeous puppies the advice from the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG, who advise the government), is that trainers should continue to train online and that face to face training should be limited to five socially distanced people, in a secure private outside area. Whilst this is a step forward, it is one that needs to be followed extremely carefully and with confidence that it is possible to provide the same high standards, with such restrictions in place.

The advice is that people and dogs should not come into contact with each other, should stay at a two metre distance at all times and the restrictions on five people per class would mean only one person from each family would be able to attend - a very different experience than being able to train with your family and children over 5 years old. Not only this puppy play, taking leads for demonstrations and passing treats and toys for instance would not possible and the big fact that my current venue is still closed!

As a result, in order to keep everyone safe, we will not be resuming classes face to face at this time. However Puppy School Uckfield Online is a great alternative for you to choose!!

Not only do all your family get to participate in the training experience, you get to do so in the comfort of your own home without too many distractions, so your puppy can learn!

If you are worrying about your puppy missing out on playing with other puppies, please don’t! Socialisation means so much more than puppy play, all of which we cover in Puppy School Online. In fact, there is a lot to gain from training online! Take a look at some reviews from previous attendees on my website and Facebook.

I look forward to the day when I can safely and confidently run training classes with you in person, but in the meantime come and join us online!!

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