Puppy School is a nationwide puppy socialisation and training scheme founded by internationally renowned trainer and behaviour expert Gwen Bailey.


The goal is to help owners train their puppies in the early years, to give puppies the best start in life and the best opportunity to be well behaved dogs that stay with the same family all their life.

Gwen has written a number of books on animal behaviour and lectures in the UK and Internationally.

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Due to Covid-19 support will now be offered virtually

Excited about getting your first puppy? Not sure what puppy is right for your family? Not sure where to start? This home visit will help you get started with all the basics.

We will also cover common areas all new puppy parents need help with, such as house training, leaving your puppy home alone, play biting, providing a safe place and puppy chewing. We will also cover how to socialise your puppy well and guidance on appropriate social interaction with children.

Ideally prior to bringing your puppy home!

1 hour • £50 per session


Potentially start in September 

Puppy School is a six week group course of fun, family friendly classes, designed to teach your puppy valuable socialisation and life skills and help you to build a lifelong relationship through positive, reward-based training methods.


Covering loose lead training, greeting without jumping up, recall training, positions (sit,down, stand), stay, settling on bed and more.

For fully vaccinated puppies 20 weeks and under on the date of the first class.

1 hour per week • £84* for a 6 week course

*plus  £1 booking fee


Space Available!!!

Enjoy our virtual six week course of online video tutorials and live coaching.


Delivered by a qualified Puppy School Tutor in the comfort and safety of your home, while social distancing and self isolation measures are in place.

All you need is a device with a camera (PC, tablet or smartphone) and a puppy! 

More Information

Puppies aged 8-20 weeks

1 hour per week • £63* for a 6 week course

*plus  £1 booking fee


If Covid 19 guidelines continue as they are My Complex Canine is planing to restart classes in a hall environment in September 2020.

The potential start date of the course may change, if you are interested in getting on a waiting list please contact me.

11 Sept

CLASS DATES: 11 Sept, 18 Sept, 25 Sept,

2 Oct,16 Oct, 23 Oct

FRIDAY 18:00 - 19:00

No class 9 Oct

VENUE: Hadlow Down Village Hall

Hall Lane, Hadlow Down

Uckfield TN22 4HG


6 Training sessions lasting 1 hour The course content is comprehensively designed to give your puppy a good foundation of training.

Only reward-based training methods This means you will use treats, toys and praise to encourage and teach your puppies to be well-behaved and have lots of fun in the process!

Life Skills Helping your puppy to develop confidence as they grow to become good-mannered and well-behaved around people of all ages.

Small classes (max 7 pups) This ensures that each family and puppy are given appropriate 1:1 advice and guidance.

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere We encourage families with children (aged 5 and over) to join the class to learn how to interact and respond to their puppies.*

Supporting Puppy School Manual Practicing at home in 3 minute training sessions will result in a better trained puppy at the end of the 6 week course.

The course is designed to progress gradually from week to week, building on your puppy’s understanding and reliability, with learning layers starting easy and becoming more complex.

You will learn to teach your puppy to:

·         Be sociable around people of all ages* and other puppies attending class

·         Play appropriately with toys instead of biting hands and clothes

·         Walk nicely on lead without pulling

·         Handling and building confidence around real world experiences such as going to the vet and groomers

·         Greet people without jumping up

·         Recall – how to come when called

·         Gently take treats from hand

·         Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews

·         How to settle calmly

·         To stay in position

·         Positions – Sit, Down, Stand

* Please note we cannot guarantee the attendance of children to help socialise your puppy, but we do encourage families with children to bring them to class to learn how to train their puppy and to interact positively with other puppies in the class.

What benefits can you expect?

Free Puppy Box & Training Manual

On booking onto Puppy School Classes you will receive in your box:

  • Puppy School Manual to help you progress your training at home

  • 1 x £15 off voucher (redeemable from www.naturesmenu.co.uk or www.trueinstinct.co.uk minimum order of £30.00 is required)  

  • 1 x 1.5kg True Instinct Puppy food (free range chicken)

  • 1 x 400g Natures Menu Junior/puppy complete can (chicken & turkey)

  • 1 x 300g Natures Menu Junior/puppy complete pouch (chicken & lamb)

  • 1 x 60g Meaty Treats for dogs (chicken)

  • 1 x True Instinct brochure all about TI food

  • 1 x Best Friends brochure all about NM food

Certificate & Rosette

Once your puppy has completed the 6 week course you will be presented with a certificate of completion and a rosette to congratulate you on your achievement.

Graduation Week Prizes

All In our last week there will be opportunity to show off what you have taught your puppy and there may be a couple of prizes on offer!!


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Professional Training Standards

All tutors are regularly monitored to ensure standards are maintained and regular training courses are attended to keep up to date in the latest training techniques and animal behaviour.  

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