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Puppy School

6 Week Group Training for Puppies


Looking to build a strong bond with your puppy?

Puppy School is a nationwide puppy socialisation and training scheme founded by internationally renowned trainer and behaviour expert Gwen Bailey. The goal is to help owners train their puppies in the early years, to give puppies the best start in life and the best opportunity to be well behaved dogs that stay with the same family all their life.

The course is designed to progress gradually from week to week, building on your puppy’s understanding and reliability, with learning layers starting easy and becoming more complex.


Client Experience

Classes last 1 hour and class sizes are kept small to ensure time for individual coaching. Puppy School is based on reward-based training, which means you will have lots of fun with your puppy using treats, praise and toys, whilst your puppy learns basic life skills and good behaviour.

  • Professional certified Puppy Tutor and registered Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC

  • Family friendly, supportive fun environment providing personal-centred and animal-centred training.


What will the puppies learn?

  • Recall - come when called

  • Sit, lie down & stand on cue

  • Walk on loose lead without pulling

  • Stay in position

  • Settling calmly on a bed

  • Greeting people and other puppies

  • Toy Play and play biting

  • Handling and building confidence around real world experiences e.g. going to the vet and groomers

  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews.

Why Choose Puppy School?

Have a look at what goes on in a puppy school class!

Book Your Place!

Puppy School (Younger) for fully vaccinated puppies under 20 weeks* on the date of the first class. Book Online below.

*Your puppy’s date of birth will be checked against their vaccination card prior to class. If you book your puppy onto this course and your puppy is found to be over the age limit when you attend the first class, you will be turned away and a refund will not be issued.

Puppy School (Older) These classes are for puppies that are older than 20 weeks.  They have the same syllabus as our Puppy School classes but are exclusively for puppies aged 20 weeks – 1 year old. Please contact us to book, course start dates are scheduled based on enquires.

Course Cost  (6 week course) £140 (plus £2 booking fee)

Course dates: All courses run weekly, however there are breaks on some courses based on bank holidays/holidays and venue availability.  

Course locations:

  • Hartfield Courses held at Hartfield Village Hall (TN7)

  • Lingfield Courses Held at Lingfield and Dormansland Community Centre (RH7)

Classes will resume in Autumn 2024, keep an eye on our website for course dates.

By making a booking you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept

our Terms and Conditions. PLEASE READ PRIOR TO BOOKING

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