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£48 - 3 Week Group Online Course

The course runs for three weeks, each session lasting around one hour. 

The course is designed for puppies and dogs over 6 months and is focused on developing an automatic recall response.

For most owners the dream is to go on a walk with the family and have their dog trotting alongside off-lead.  In order to achieve this dream you need to know that your dog will come back to you when you call. Importantly a well-trained recall cue will work, whether or not, there are other things around in the environment.

So if you resonate with any of the below statements, then this course is for you!

‘My dog has a great recall in the house and garden, but if there are people or dogs around then there is no chance!’

‘My dog will run up to any dog or person they see and does not listen to me calling’.

​‘I’m really nervous of letting my dog/puppy off-lead in case they do not come back to me’.

This course is designed as an online course, because indoors is where you need to start practicing the automatic response techniques!! Even if you think that your dog or puppy can already recall indoors, this course will take your recall cue to another level of success. However, if you only come to the classes and do nothing in-between you cannot expect to improve your training! A good solid recall requires effort! It is certainly worth a few weeks of hard work for a lifetime of safe, happy off-lead dog walks.

Over the 3 week course you will learn:

* How to teach your dog a brain reflex response to your recall cue, he will respond without thinking, it will become automatic!

* How to use training games to get focus, anticipation and attention from your dog!

* How to manage your dog around distractions that occur on your dog walks.

* The Do’s and don’ts of recall training!

There will be no more than five owners joining any one course, in order to allow for lots of time for live coaching.

You will be provided details to log into My Complex Canine’s online training room (you’ll need a computer / phone or tablet with a camera), you’ll be able to see me and the other attendees and vice versa.​

If the courses are full, or you would prefer to do the training on a 1:1 basis, my Recall Boost Training Package

would be a great option for you.


3 Week Course - £48  

Venue:  Your Laptop/Tablet

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