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A six week online course for puppies that have already completed basic training with me or graduated Puppy School.

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Work together with your puppy to increease: 

  • Super Speed!! Speed up those recalls. Increase focus on you on walks. With this superpower your puppy will be the fastest in the park!

  • Super Strength and Fitness!! Simple doggy workouts and body maintenance tips for your Superpup. Important for all superheroes!

  • Super Stealth and Stillness!! Teach your Superpup the skill of complete calmness. Sometimes stealth is required on a superhero mission!

  • Super Senses!! Sharpen your Superpup’s senses. Play simple nosework games. Build confidence around scary noises. Teach your puppy to be brave and courageous!

  • Super Flexibility!! On things, over things, under things. Fun ideas to improve your Superpup’s flexibility.

  • Super Social!!  From the Avengers to the X-Men, no superhero is complete without a team. Learn to become your own superhero team with your puppy always by your side! Throughout course, you will play the socialisation snakes and ladders game which will involve creative homework challenges each week!!


Weekday Evening Class

Class date and time to be confirmed when booking.

For Puppy School graduates or clients that have completed basic training with My Complex Canine.

To register your interest click here

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