Meet Your Trainer Sarah!

Thanks for taking a look around!
Let me introduce myself.
I have had a strong interest in people, behaviour and learning since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology in 2006. My path started with a number of years understanding learning theory and making learning fun and rewarding for people in various professional and educational institutions. I was then lucky enough to work at one of the UK’s largest dog and cat rescue centres helping to care for, assess and train dogs for re-homing. In 2019 I became a qualified Puppy School tutor with Puppy School and set up my own dog training business ‘My Complex Canine’.



Its all about the relationship!!

When we pick up a puppy, or a rescue dog we have an expectation as to what the relationship will be like. We have already thought about what we will do together and how much fun we will have...

But, that is not all we need to think about! We need to make sure we start our journey right from the very beginning and continue to nurture and enrich the relationship with our dogs on a daily basis. Consider our own life and how there are constant changes and new things that we need to adjust to, it is the same for our dogs!

I don’t believe in waiting for a mismatch to develop into a problem, I think as dog parents it is our responsibility to consider our relationships with our dogs at the very beginning. That might also mean considering our own expectations, situation and re-framing our goals. We need to understand how what we feel can have an impact on our dog, a relationship is not one-way!

My Complex Canine will be there with you from the very beginning to help you to be open, flexible and positive and begin a long and happy partnership with your dog!


Training based on scientific research & understanding