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Youth Club

6 Week Group Training for Puppies 5 months to 18 months

When your puppy gets older the world becomes a very exciting place, during this time it can be hard to get their attention, you may find they have selective hearing and that you are no longer the most exciting thing in their world.


Looking for Focus & Attention?!

This course is for puppies that have already completed positive reward based puppy foundation training and are looking to progress.

This course will help you to build your dog’s ability to;

  • Focus on you out and about!

  • Look & move away from things that are exciting!

  • Be calmer around distractions!


Client Experience

Class numbers will be small

(4-5 dogs), in order to allow time for coaching and individual feedback.

This course runs for six weeks, each session lasting around one hour.

You will receive weekly training handouts and access to video reminders of the exercises to help you to practice in between classes.

At the end of the course you will receive a rosette & certificate of achievement.


What will the dogs learn?

Building self-control – leave and drop cues

Loose lead walking – skills to help disengage from distractions out and about

Recall boost – games to encourage close proximity to you

Distance control – emergency stop and distance positions

Manners – excitement around doorways/gates and roadsides

Calm greetings- meeting people without jumping up

Cooperative handling- exercises to help build confidence with procedures

 Relaxing calmly on a boundary – train your dog to remain on a bed or any boundary.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Youth Club course with My Complex Canine and would highly recommend it! It is the perfect follow on course to Puppy School. Myself and my dog learnt lots of useful training exercises and gained knowledge that is really helpful, especially as my dog is now more confident in the world. The downloadable online training cards and the videos are really helpful to refer to in between classes. The WhatsApp group is amazing for feedback throughout the course and to engage with fellow classmates. A lovely atmosphere, positive reinforcement methods and Sarah is an excellent trainer, exactly what I was looking for when I was researching trainers for me and my pup! Thankyou Sarah, we have enjoyed every minute!"

Youth Club 6 Week Course

Held in Lingfield (Thurs 19:15) or Hartfield (Mon 16:45 or 18:00) depending on interest.

 £150 for 6 week course

This course is for puppies that have already completed positive reward based puppy foundation training and are looking to progress.

As the the classes are run inside;

  • dogs MUST be friendly and comfortable with other dogs and people to attend this class.

  • The course would not be suitable for dogs that excessively bark, as other users use this venue.

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