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Find out what our clients thought of our services

It is really important to feel comfortable prior to committing, so please take a moment to find out what other owners thought of their experience of Puppy School group classes and one to one private puppy and dog training sessions.


1:1 Online Puppy Package 2021

We were all set to attend our local puppy training classes just before the 2nd Lockdown in January 2021.  Left with a 12 week old Labradoodle and as first time dog owners we were at a loss as to know what to do!! Thankfully Sarah came highly recommended and we booked a course of 5 1:1 sessions.  We let Sarah know beforehand what we would like to cover over the course and each week we received a detailed email before hand letting us know what we could expect that week.  Each session was well structured and carefully thought out with Tilly in mind.  After each session we received a detailed email of everything covered and things we can work on through the week.  Sarah has an excellent knowledge, lovely calming nature and always clearly explains things, she’s also super patient as with video conferencing and puppies things don’t always go to plan.  We would highly recommend Sarah and online puppy school and are so glad we were able to attend! We will be back as and when we have any concerns that need addressing! Thanks so much!


Online Puppy School & 1:1 online 2021


I was quite sceptical about online socialising for puppies when I signed up to this, but it has changed my whole outlook on training my pup. We have bonded, and found a high level of trust which was missing before we started this journey. I can't thank Sarah enough.


Online Puppy School Online 2021


Thanks Sarah, for all your expert tuition over the last six weeks. I wasn't initially sure about how online puppy training would work in practice, but in the COVID-19 lockdown, face to face classes were not an option. With Percy, my very exuberant Welsh Terrier puppy, was I was keen to start the training early to try and establish some good habits. I needn't have worried about the the quality of the online training as it was fantastic, I've had dogs continuously for almost 40 years, and attended many traditional face to face dog and puppy training classes. Sarah's classes were friendly, engagng, and very informative, probably the best classes I've ever attended. I've registered to do the follow up training sessions, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah's classes to anyone who wants a helping hand with their dog training.

— Sharley & Tilly —

— Jennie & Raffi —

— John & Percy —


Puppy School Online January 2021 

We initially signed up with our 3 month old Labrador puppy Rolo to do face to face classes, however lockdown changed our plans. I was sceptical of online dog training but decided as he would only be this young once to give it a go as it would still be some protected training time with him. I couldn’t have been more surprised, although a different experience than face to face- it enabled the Sarah to give us so much more information behind why we do things, break it down into stages and generally help to understand how pups learn. The video tutorials gave clear instructions and you had lots more time to practice than in a face to face class as you could do activities such as recalls all together rather than waiting for everyone to have their turn. Sarah is so knowledgeable and such a great teacher and was on hand to answer questions and help with any issues we had between classes. She always sent clear instructions for the next class and the whole thing was so well organised. We will definitely be doing more training with her in the future! Thank you so much.

— Charlotte, Steve & Rolo—


Puppy School October 2020

(In Person & Online)

Thank you so much for your amazing skill, patience and good humour over the past six weeks.  Haka loved going to school and you are a brilliant teacher.  We thoroughly enjoyed  each class and learnt a huge amount.  You really are fantastic at your job.  You care so much for the puppies and are incredibly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging with us humans.  

 Haka has learnt to roll over and his recall is getting better and better.  We have just come back from a lovely day at Camber Sands and he was amazing with the other dogs and received lots of compliments about his behaviour from strangers - all of which is down to you. Thank you again for sharing your endless enthusiasm and brilliant skills with us.

— Jonny, Henry & Haka —


1:1 Puppy Package 2020

Our vets recommended Sarah and Complex Canine when we registered Bobby. From the first moment Sarah met Bobby they clicked and Bobby thrived working with her. The results have been fantastic, even to the extent when out walking in the park, Bobby’s recall is better than a lot of older dogs.
Sarah has a lot of experience and she shows you how to deal with situations you are struggling with in a calm and responsive manner. Bobby learnt to sit, lie down, and walk on the lead in a relaxed manner and he learnt many more skills in a short space of time. Sarah was a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to train their young pup.

— Helen, David & Bobby —


Puppy School Online August 2020 

Sarah was amazing. She has a huge depth and breadth of knowledge and was always able to answer any questions thrown at her clearly and thoughtfully with a clear rationale behind the answer and her advice worked every time. She was always calm and very encouraging. We covered a lot and we all learnt so much as was evidenced by the progress all puppies made as the weeks went by. The IT worked well and the system of explanation, then watching a short video and practicing in front of Sarah worked really well. The class size was very small so we all had lots of one on one time. The course has been invaluable at setting us on our way with our new puppy. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with a new puppy. Thank you Sarah 🐾

— The Westwell Family & Benji —


Puppy School October 2020

(In Person & Online)

Sarah is a great dog trainer with a gift for understanding dogs and how to teach their families to understand and train them! Her puppy class was insightful and very well managed, especially taking into account the Covid-19 restrictions that had to be put in place. I highly recommend her.

— Fiona & Sephie —


Puppy School Online September 2020

Recently completed the 5 week online puppy training course with my puppy, Willow in October. We really enjoyed the session and Sarah was great. Was unsure how the classes would go with them being online due to the current situation but they went really well and willow was more relax and had less distractions being in her own environment. Sarah was always there for any support and advice and we have really seen an improvement in our puppy’s behaviour. Her recall is coming on really well and is improving with her loose lead walking. We can’t wait to attend the next class with willow in the new year

— Jessica & Willow —


Puppy School March 2021 (online)

Really pleased that we signed up for the course.


It was professionally run in a positive and relaxed manner which suited us. We picked up some really useful tips and guidance that we can carry forward for the duration of our puppy's life.


The course has enabled us to get to know our puppy better and to form a bond that will stand us in good stead moving forwards.


Thank you Sarah!

Puppy School March 2020 (In person & online)

We have just completed a 6 week course, 4 weeks of which had to be switched to virtual. This went amazingly well and we were very happy that we were able to complete the course this way.
If you have a puppy, do not hesitate to sign up for puppy school with Sarah. She has the patience of a Saint, phenomenal knowledge and gives instructions in a clear and calm manner. It’s obvious that she loves what she does in helping people to get the most from their pups.

It’s one thing to read books and watch YouTube videos, but to have somebody actually look at what you are doing and give expert critique to iron out problems is invaluable.
Sarah made a huge contribution to Zeb’s training and we thank her very much.

1:1 Start Right Puppy Package 2020

Sarah was highly recommended to us as a puppy trainer. Sarah came to our home to undertake the training sessions and immediately had rapport with Finn, our 4 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Over the 5 sessions, Sarah worked with the entire family, including our children aged 8 and 12, in a calm manner to give us best advice and training across a number of areas that has enabled us to feel confident in the training of Finn.


The training techniques were fun for all the family and Finn reacted very well to all he learned. We have been able to adapt the training techniques further and thus allowing us to continue our enjoyment and gain pleasure from the new addition to our family. We highly recommend Sarah to any new puppy owners.

— The Hawkins & Finn —

— The Colyer Family & Zeb —

— Sarah, Alistair & Arthur —

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Puppy School In person 2019

Sarah has been amazing I would highly recommended, so helpful & resourceful. 
My puppy completes class within 6 weeks, she can do all basic commands, loose lead walk, stay & come when called.


We couldn’t have done it without Sarah!

— Carly & Betty —


1:1 Dog Training 2019

We just had our second 1:1 consultation with Sarah

who was brilliant with our year old boxer puppy.


She has really helped with Dougie’s recall when out on walks and has given us loads of great tips and techniques for getting rid of his bad habits.


Thank you Sarah!

— Claudia & Dougie —


Puppy School 2019

Thank you My Complex Canine and Sarah for all the help with Tilly’s puppy training.


It was a very friendly and welcoming environment.

I Would fully recommend Sarah to anyone looking for puppy training classes.

Tilly was very happy with her rosette!

— The Boswell Family & Tilly —


Puppy School Online​ 2020

The course has been amazing and exceeded all expectations.

Our Thursday evenings are going to be a boring now.

We can’t thank you enough, from that initial phone call when we were struggling a bit with biting and general behaviour, he is now growing into a fun, happy puppy and has really settled into our family."

— The Davies Family & Charlie —


Puppy School Online 2020

We have thoroughly enjoyed our puppy training and definitely understand Doug a lot more - body language, responses to situations, what drives him - which means getting the best out of him with regards to behaviour, attitude and happiness is a lot more successful. 

Thank you so much!

— The Revell Family & Doug —


1:1 Start Right Puppy Package 2019

Thank you so much for being Benji's teacher. He improved so much from your classes.​

Thank you so much for your hard work with Benji and us, you are a fantastic teacher. 

— The Bumstead Family & Benji —


1:1 Puppy Training 2019

Sarah came and helped me out with my new puppy. She was amazing and and explained everything. 


She came back for a follow up and again we cant thank her enough for her help with our dog Letty 😀

— Joe & Letty —


Puppy School Online 2020

— Henry, Beth & Winnie —


Puppy School Online 2020

— Peter, Kirsty & Teddy —

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Puppy School Online 2020

— Emma & Florence —


Puppy School Online 2020

We really enjoyed our puppy class, Sarah was great, she has so much knowledge and clearly understands dogs very well.


She would often anticipate in advance what Bertie would do or how he would respond before performing an action. I would definitely recommend Sarah to friends.

— The Sumner Family & Bertie —


1:1 Dog Training 2019

Really good to meet Sarah yesterday for our 1st session. She has a really lovely way of explaining things and has a very calm and confident manner. The moment I met her I instantly felt at ease. Bronson responded positively to her straight away.


I was left feeling confident in what I was doing/had to do and would have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you so much Sarah for a fantastic 1st session x 

— Sam & Bronson —


Puppy Guidance Visit

"I found Sarah's visit to be an absolute god send.  It is 15 years since I had had to train a puppy and to be honest I was quite daunted by the whole process.  I found Sarah's advice on puppy training invaluable and it certainly gave me the confidence that I may be able to come through this period with a happy puppy.


I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to assist with puppy/dog training and it is with great sadness that she is unable to offer group training classes at this time for older dogs."

— Gill & Thea —

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